Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 keygen serial crack

Newest version, includes updated keygen, version 1.7 (which adds support for Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0)
Tested on my own system, confirmed working, virusfree (If antivirusreports virus, trojan, or whatever it’s false positives.) If you experience problems with activation, please leave a comment or pm me, I’ll try to resolve it to my fullestextent.

Extract after downloading, read the README.txt file
NOTE: For Vista/Windows 7 users, run the keygen and the installation as Administrator
Pleasedownload the version that is meant for your OS, meaning Windows 64 bit should use Vegas 64 bit, same with 32 bit. There is a problem currently with the keygen not being able toregister Vegas 32 bit onto a Windows 64 bit environment.
FOR EVERYONE You must copy the activation code correctly, it is not just what you see, highlight the code to the end.There are 6 groups of 9 characters, if the activation code still fails, delete the registry keys again, rerun the program and keygen. Generate a different key and try again.
Try patching the program again if it still doesn’t accept the key and reenter the serial and activation code. The serial and activation code are in pairs, meaning you can’tclick generate again and use a different activation code for the previous serial.
Some common mistakes that people make are:
1. Not running the keygen and Sony installationfile as an Administrator account
2. The keygen is set on default, meaning the Sony Vegas option isn’t selected from the dropdown box in the keygen.
3. The keygen isn’t placedin the Sony folder or isn’t directed to the right directory to patch.

9.0c Version
9.0c 32bit Version Tested by me, confirmed working on Windows XP Pro SP3, VistaUltimate
Includes DI keygen v.1.7 and updated README textfile. Read the README.txt for help!

9.0c 64bit Version Tested by me, confirmed working on Windows 7Ultimate Edition
Includes DI keygen v1.7 and updated README textfile. Read the README.txt for help!

9.0b Version
9.0b 32bit Version
Includes TWAIN32.dll andupdated README textfile. Read the README.txt for help!

9.0b 64bit Version
Includes TWAIN32.dll and updated README textfile. Read the README.txt for help!


OLD 9.0b 32bit Version: Old README, doesn’t include help on registry editor

OLD 9.0b 64bit Version: Old README, doesn’t include help on registry editor

OLD 9.0a 32bit Version, updated with new README (Just the FOR EVERYONE part is added) and TWAIN32.dll

OLD 9.0a 64bit Version, updated with new README andTWAIN32.dll

OLD 32 bit Version w/out TWAIN32.dll
Use as a mirror

OLD 64 bit Version w/out TWAIN32.dll
Use as a mirror

Forthose who can’t get the keygen to work, perhaps this will help:

How to make Sony keygens work
I was having problems getting the Sony products keygen to work with ACID7.0 recently, and I noticed that when I got to the point where I was registering the product "by phone", the Machine ID shown in the keygen wasn’t matching upwith the Machine ID shown in the application registration program (which showed the ID to have an extra two digits, "XX").

As I normally would whenencountering a software problem, I looked around for other people’s answers to people with the same problem. I did find a lot of people with the same or similar problems(apparently a lot of people are having the same problem with Sonay Vegas and the like), but I couldn’t find a solution anywhere.

So, after much hassle, I came up with thissolution, which amazed me in its simplicity.

I have so far only tried this on ACID, but I am sure that it would work with other Sony products assuming that that the problemis to do with the Machine ID. However I can’t guarantee it. Let me know if it works for you.

So, here’s what I did:

If you’ve already attempted to use a serial key,you’ll probably have to remove it first because it won’t match up. You can do this by going to Start > Run and running regedit, then navigating toHKEYLOCALMACHINE/SOFTWARE/Sony Creative Software/ACID Pro/7.0/Licence and deleting the values for key1 and CurrentKey.

Now you are ready to follow these steps:

1.Download and install the Resource Tuner 30day trial (sorry I can’t provide a full download, but it doesn’t really matter. If someone else can provide a full version that wouldbe fantastic), available here:

2. Open Resource Tuner and use it to navigate to the place you installed your Sony product (I’m in C:Program FilesSonyACID Pro 7.0). Fromthere use it to open ApplicationRegistration.exe.

3. Once you’ve clicked continue to get rid of the dialog box telling you to buy the product or whatever, expand the folderlabelled Dialog and find the entry that has the heading "Online Registration Error Register Over the Phone", which should look like this:

4Doubleclick on the number of that resource in the tree view under Dialog (the one on the left for me the one numbered 7003) to open up Resource Tuner’s Resource Editor.

5.Click on the first item of the list on the left and use the arrow keys to scroll down through each item. Keep an eye on the Caption of the item.

6. When you reach one thathas the caption "Computer ID:", scroll down one more. The preview image should be selecting an invisible box to the right of the Computer ID text.

7. Nowlook at the list just below the Caption (which should be blank for this, by the way), and uncheck the box labelled esreadonly.

8. Click OK, then Yes, then save the file. Youshould make a backup of the original, but I believe the program also makes a backup automatically.

9. Run your keygen, and then run your Sony product. Follow the usual stepsto get to the "Register Over the Phone" dialog box. You should now be able to simply edit the Machine ID to match the one shown in your keygen.

10. Copy inyour activation code, and your program should work! God damn, I was surprised when THAT happened.

This method should work the same with Vegas Pro or any other Sonyproduct. If not, then please reply on this topic